SLA_5147_v1First of all, let us state that it’s a common misconception that a great quality video can be created by anyone with a high-end camera and a computer.

To make the final product look really aesthetic, entertaining, cinematic, professionally clean and overall special – requires a lot of experience/skill/training and talent for framing, camera work, making scenes shift smoothly, then it requires tedious work with professional software for editing, color/sound correction and music selection.

With lots of semi-professional equipment available nowadays on the market, authoring videos became a popular hobby. We are really glad about the trend and there are a number of  people who can do this pretty well, but what we’ve observed in general – videos produced by non-professionals are of pretty poor quality by videography standards. This approach is not applicable to filming significant events, corporate, ads, live events, etc. and we strongly recommend to hire a professional.  Our credo is striving for aesthetics feel and footage perfection. We are professionals with many years of experience. By working with us you get your material to shine, look smooth, cinematic and enjoyable to watch.

Second, as you can imagine, different types of video styles require different specs and equipment, thus prices vary appropriately.  Shooting a theater play with tripod is quite different from shooting sports event with steadicam or jib. Making a footage of a yoga class is different from filming an interview or that first kiss during the wedding ceremony. Below we highlight some guidelines tailored for different order scenarios.

1. Wedding

Filming a wedding is the most common request. Clients are usually interested in covering: bride/groom preparation, wedding ceremony, city walk/drive video-session and wedding reception. We can use a variety of equipment and techniques: 1 camera on tripod, 2 cameras, 1 camera with steadicam/jib/slider/dolly,  photocamera videoshooting, etc. We also offer creating “Love Story” movie and mini-documentary with friends&family interviews, wishes and advises. Check out our Wedding packages page for the details.

Please make sure you have the following information before you make the order:

a. choose a wedding package (a combination of shooting technique, equipment and final product format)

b. if you do a custom order (love story or documentary), please allocate up to 2 weeks for planning/videoshooting and be prepared to provide precise specs. We can do staging/scenario for you or work together through it.

2. Commercial

We work with businesses, private parties advertising their property and non-profit organizations only. We require precise specs for the commercial. We can direct and help with script authoring, it’ll require at least 2 weeks for preps. We also expect a client to provide royalty-free or licensed piece of music. We can find the music for you for extra charge. Here is an example of specs that we expect from commercial clients:

  • exact location(s)
  • duration
  • scene sequence (aka script)
  • narrative for each scene, including sound (we can do sound recording for extra charge)
  • costumes/models/scene location reservation, model releases etc. are provided by client*

We can provide models for extra charge. 

Each order is custom. We work with professionals only.

3. Live shows/Corporate events

For “static” shooting with a tripod and 1 camera we accept orders 2-3 days in advance. For events that require steadicam/multiple cameras/jib/etc. we require at least 2 weeks reservation.

4. Independent movies/Nature footages

There is  variety of services we can do. It’s pretty custom, so call us for the quotes. We still expect that you have a clear picture of what you want to do and a reasonable budget to afford it.

5. Custom orders

We work with private parties and TV contractors for creating mini-documentaries, interviews, etc. Each order is special, call us for a quote. Our skills allow us to pursue an eclectic combination of media genres and styles that include music videos, corporate video, non-profit video, web video, and more.

6. Organizing home/corporate videos, creating slideshows from photos, transferring to blu-ray/DVD and other formats

Minimum order is $300. See our price page for the guidelines.


We have a broad experience with working on variety of genres and styles. Give us a call, we’ll do our best to address your needs. Feel free to browse the categories in order to view video samples, and also check the FAQ page.