Sla-video1HDVideoProduction is a private video production studio operating since 2006. It is based in Redmond, WA, USA and covers larger Seattle area. We work with businesses, private parties and non-profits. Videography products that we make are influenced by European cinematography which gives preference to elegance, cinematic feel, aesthetics, romantics and lyrics.

HDVideoProduction videography is delivered in variety of genres and styles: Wedding videography, Promotionals, Corporate, Training programs, Documentaries, Commercials, Movies, Music videos, Events, Stock Footages and more. The studio has all professional video, audio and other equipment, necessary for creating high quality video products in its disposal. Check our Rates section for packages and pricing information. Click on Portfolio to see a variety of video samples or browse them by category.

HDVideoProduction is open to collaboration, offers and mutual projects with TV and movie production companies, as well as with private parties, public and commercial organizations, companies and entrepreneurs.

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