HDVideoProduction implements video filming in variety of genres: wedding, home and corporate events, lectures, commercial, documentary, music clips, movies and more. We are shooting in both video formats: SD (standart definition) and HD (high definition), NTSC or PAL for your choice. We have professional video cameras and other professional video, audio and lighting equipment.

We provide services not only in Seattle and East Side areas, but also in other locations worldwide. We charge for the trip if it’s longer than 30 miles (one way). Please, feel free to call for more information and details, or send your questions by email.

The base video shooting and editing rates are pretty affordable. The final price depends on shooting location, time, technology/equipment used and the overall nature of specific custom preferences. See just base price samples below.

  • Video Shooting (one camera)  $100/h
  • Video Shooting with Steadicam, Dolly or Jib  $200/h
  • Custom Designed Case and DVD  $50
  • 1 Blu-Ray and 1 DVD in Custom Designed Case  $80

Give us a call TODAY and we’ll come up with competitive QUOTE for you!