HdVideoproduction provides services for advertising, corporate, educational, documentary, family events and much more. Commercial video products are customized to a specific request. See our filming rate list for the pricing guidelines. Take a look of short commercial samples in Commercial Category.

Due to the diverse nature of requests, we can’t provide an estimate until we learn about your needs. In some cases it’s just shooting from one point using tripod (e.g. interview). In other cases it requires using special equipment, shooting from different points (e.g. moving yacht, interior walk-through).

We work with businesses, private parties advertising their property and non-profit organizations only. We require precise specs for the commercial. We can help with script authoring, but it’ll be extra charge and at least 2 weeks for preps. We also expect a client to provide ryalty-free or licensed piece of music. We can find the music for you for extra charge.

Here is an example of specs that we expect from commercial clients:

  • exact location
  • scene sequence (aka script)
  • narrative/text for each scene, including sound (we can do sound recording for extra charge)
  • costumes/models/scene location reservation, model releases etc. are provided by a client (we can provide the models for an extra charge).

Each order is custom. We work with professionals only.