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SLA_5147_v1First of all, let us state that it’s a common misconception that a great quality video can be created by anyone with a high-end camera and a computer.

To make the final product look really aesthetic, entertaining, cinematic, professionally clean and overall special - requires a lot of experience/skill/training and talent for framing, camera work, making scenes shift smoothly, then it requires tedious work with professional software for editing, color/sound correction and music selection.

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Buy “Spirit Of Nature II” Blu-ray disk

The 50 minutes meditative movie Spirit of Nature II has 12 chapters and was filmed over two years. It shows spectacularly beautiful places in Washington state accompanied by a mix of ambient and classical music. Each chapter of this movie brings unique sense, stimulates deep meditative relaxation empowered by images of 5 essential elements: Water, Wood, Earth, Fire and Air.

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Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.


  • Filming (Wedding, Corporate events,Training/educational, Documentaries/interviews, Commercials, Live music/dance shows, Nature)
  • Editing/video&sound correction
  • Blu-ray/DVD authoring, copying, transferring